Every morning, a group of the residents of the Curtain Call Care Home got together for their coffee break. As is the way in any large group (especially in an enclosed society, people broke off into smaller groups of people with shared interests: the gardening group, the Bridge Club group etc.

At the far end of the room, an eclectic little sub group  congregated, forming a circle of their high-backed, beige orthopaedic chairs. What united them was a shared frustration with their lot.

Initially, this was expressed in a series of moaning and grumbling sessions, with each person’s contribution adding to gloom. This focused on feelings of dissatisfaction, even frustration about the ‘beige-ness’ of their lives, the never-changing routine, the lack of stimulation, the ugliness of mobility aids.

Increasingly, the conversation turned to their ‘old lives’ and the many adventures they had. Lady Myrtle talked of her career as a tattooist and graffiti artist and Reg about being a life model. Dolores told tale about when she was a night club hostess and Harold and Shirl about their career as a high-wire and trapeze act.

They concluded that there was more to life than powdered coffee and Rich Tea biscuits and over time , a plan began to emerge. They realised that it would be foolish to leave the comforts of the Curtain Call Care Home permanently. Instead, they would escape in secret from time to time and have wild adventures.

And so the Curtain Call Care Home Escape Committee was born