About Sue

I seem to have been kidnapped by a troupe of feisty old people, The Curtain Call Care Home (Escape Committee).
I make sculptures that explore the absurdities of old age and challenge its stereotypes with childish glee.
I sell products, make appearances and work on the sort of community and charity projects that make sense to me and make me smile. I work from home in Isleworth, South West London, on the beautiful River Thames. I also have a workspace on a barge, Cathja, home to a charity for people suffering from enduring mental health problems.

As an artist, I want to entertain. I love to connect with old people, but anyone who likes to laugh at their own absurdities and frailties will do. I love to see what happens when somebody encounters one of my sculptures or automata. It’s like my inner child connects to theirs, and for a moment, we share the joke and all believe in magic.